Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

...and if you start again within 6 months, you may return for no fee.
No cravings,
no weight gain
- freedom!
healthier, fitter &
more attractive
as a non-smoker.


Hypnotherapy Treatments

Jane Rees

Hypnotherapy Norwich
Jane Rees DABCH, MCAHyp. MP

Registered Advanced Hypnotherapist
& NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Norwich

Jane Rees is qualified to the highest level by four leading Advanced Hypnotherapy & NLP Training schools.

Hypnotherapy Practice – Established 1999

Her practice was established in 1999 at Kelling Hospital, Holt, Norwich, Norfolk and over the years, Jane has built a reputation of achieving the very highest success rates. NLP Norwich, Hypnosis Norwich, Hypnotherapy Norwich

She continues to lead the way in successful hypnotherapy treatment.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques

Jane uses the latest techniques in Advanced Hypnotherapy & N.L.P ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) to give her clients the experience of very rapid and lasting change.

Her approach of combining these techniques gives the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

Most importantly, in Hypnosis you will not lose control and will be fully aware of everything that is being said. You will feel that you are gaining control in a safe and relaxing environment.

Hypnotherapy is recognized by the British Medical Association, the American Medical Association and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Jane Rees has 2 hypnotherapy clinics in Norwich and Norfolk:

North Norfolk Hypnotherapy Clinic (view location as pdf)
Riverside Road
Letheringsett, Holt,
Norwich, Norfolk, NR25 7YE
Norwich Hypnotherapy Clinic (view location as pdf)
Hillside Road
Thorpe St Andrew,
Norwich, NR7 0QG

Would you like to take that first step now & change your life for the better?

Call Norwich, Norfolk: 01263 713931 or 07868 747510

Our habitual thinking, and our mental imaging processes direct the way we behave; positive mental habits lead to positive everyday behaviours, whilst negative mental habits lead to negative behaviours. These behaviours, in turn, direct the way we live our lives.

When a person develops unhelpful thought patterns, it becomes difficult for them to produce the behaviours that make it possible to lead a fulfilling, enjoyable and untroubled life. Hynotherapy and NLP can change unhelpful thought patterns into helpful ones.

The Advanced Hypnotherapist uses NLP to transform negative thought processes, allowing problems to be solved quickly and efficiently. Hypnotherapy can alter your destructive thought patterns in a way that enables the ‘blocks’ to simply disappear.

In 1999 I opened my first hypnotherapy and NLP clinic at Kelling Hospital, Holt in North Norfolk. Over the past seventeen years I have helped hundreds of people to make remarkable changes to their lives, each in a very short period of time.

After practicing hypnotherapy in North Norfolk, I decided to open another Clinic in Norwich as well.

There is no need for people to feel fearful and concerned in their everyday lives. I can help to instill peace of mind, enabling anyone to enjoy the life that they really want to lead.

Jane has used her Hypnotherapy NLP & Hypnosis skills to change the lives of hundreds of people in Norfolk and the surrounding counties.

With her unique method of Hypnotherapy using NLP, you can:

For more information about Jane Rees, her hypnotherapy methods & how they can work for you just click the links.

Hypnotherapy & NLP for Anxieties, Stress, Panic attacks.
My method of Hypnosis & NLP can give you freedom from all these anxieties by changing the patterns that have caused them.

Stop Smoking with my unique Stop Smoking session – no cravings – freedom.

Weight loss – would you like to feel you can easily get through your day without having comforting food to help you cope. With my Hypnotic Weight Loss Programme you can forget about food until the proper meal time, eating in a relaxed manner & just savouring the flavour of every mouthful – leaving the table feeling satisfied until your next meal. No cravings, no forbidden foods – freedom.

Phobia fear. You can come in with a phobia & leave without one. With Jane’s Hypnotherapy help you can easily be free from fear of Flying, fear of Public speaking, fear of Needles etc.

Hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP in Norwich, North Norfolk.

NLP Norwich, Hypnosis Norwich, Hypnotherapy Norwich

Help with confidence, stress, anxiety, fears, weight loss, stop smoking, fear of flying, IBS, panic attacks, migraine, weight control, insomnia, moving on from divorce & sport problems