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Hypnotherapy & NLP for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, panic attacks, stress, lack of confidence or low self-esteem.

All these conditions come under the umbrella of ‘anxiety’ and are produced by negative thought patterns experienced consciously or unconsciously causing great distress.

Jane Rees’s anxiety hypnotherapy can successfully break those negative patterns and replace them with a positive and comfortable outlook, enabling her clients to feel free to get on with their lives in the way that they want – with peace of mind and all the happiness this brings.

Hypnotherapy & NLP for Anxiety Testimonials

Nearly all my life I had suffered with mild anxiety & panic attacks. After the birth of my daughter & the breakdown of the relationship with my father my anxiety esculated.

Over a period of 5 years I suffered with this constant fear & nervousness. Over time more of my life was being affected. Some days I would not leave the house & became physically & mentally exhausted because of my anxiety.

My partner found Jane & read excellent reviews on her website & I rang to arrange a consultation. I was not optimistic at the time as I felt I was never going to be able to change. My consultation with Jane gave me hope. Jane explained everything fully & I was excited for my first session. I had a total of 6 sessions. Jane also made me two recordings personalised to my condition & my lifestyle. I was able to listen to these which meant I could become totally relaxed.

Jane & her work have changed my life. I am finally free from all the anxiety & cannot thank her enough for everything she has done. The process was amazing & happened without me really knowing I had changed. I am so excited about my future & the things I can now achieve because of this. I am finally happy. Thank you Jane.

S.V. Cromer

Results may vary from person to person

I can thoroughly recommend Jane as she has helped me enormously to gain perspective, regain control, deal with severe anxiety & stress & move on from a potentially overwhelming business matter brought on by unexpected fraudulent circumstances which also affected other areas of my life.

Without Jane’s help it would have been very different & I can’t recommend her highly enough.

T.A. Fakenham

Results may vary from person to person

Having suffered with anxiety & panic attacks for a number of years I visited Jane & with her help & support I now feel much more in control of myself & my life & I would highly recommend her to anyone.

R.R. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

Through Jane’s guidance & support I was able to conquer feelings of stress & panic attacks. I felt a lot better very quickly & more in control. Thank you

R.R. Holt

Results may vary from person to person

I was totally stressed. Jane Rees really helped me. Thank you.

S.A. Cromer

Results may vary from person to person

Jane Rees Hypnotherapy Norwich is very highly recommended for anxiety hypnotherapy.

A.L. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

This experience has totally changed my outlook & made me so much happier!

A.E. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

“My teenage granddaughter was suffering very badly from anxiety and panic attacks and had low self-esteem and no confidence. She didn’t want to go out – didn’t like leaving the house unless she had to and on occasions became quite clingy and childlike and needed to have her mother around her.

I contacted Jane Rees because I really liked how she worked and after my grandchild had Jane’s outstanding help she became just like a normal 18 year old would be – out with her boyfriend – more confident.

Jane you have literally turned her life around for her. Now she is just going out & enjoying herself.”

E.S. Kings Lynn

Results may vary from person to person

“I had been suffering severely from panic attacks for 2 years and after completing the Hypnotherapy sessions with Jane I haven’t woken up in the morning with any feelings of anxiety and I am now completely free of the panic attacks I had experienced…”

J.L. Sheringham

Results may vary from person to person

Before I went to see Jane I lacked confidence and felt anxiety any time I was away from home. At work I constantly worried that my work was not good enough, although I strove for perfection. It bothered me that I would make a mistake and that people would criticize me because of it.

I experienced palpitations, panic attacks, restlessness and found it virtually impossible to relax when I got home. At night, unable to sleep, I would lie awake thinking about the work I had to do the next day. For years I tried to ignore these symptoms but they were just getting worse. It was out of desperation that I contacted Jane.

Jane was confident she could help and after the first treatment I started to feel a little less anxious.

It has been 5 weeks since my first appointment and I no longer have palpitations or panic attacks. My confidence is improving all the time and I usually sleep through the night.

With Jane’s help my life has improved 80%, and it is getting better. I would definitely recommend her.

L.B. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

Prior to seeing you, I suffered terribly with anxiety. My self-esteem was at a low ebb and I was lacking in confidence. I really feel now that I have every chance of realizing my real potential, both personally and professionally.

I am astounded that you have managed to help me feel so different within such a short period of time.

M.L. London

Results may vary from person to person

I had a few sessions with Jane in an endeavour to overcome a complete lack of confidence in everyday dealings with people. For the first time in many years I can look strangers in the eye and smile at them. I also find that my confidence in social occasions and business meetings is restored.

In addition Jane is a wonderful person and surrounds you in a blanket of calm at each meeting – a feeling you take away with you…

S.F. Norfolk

Results may vary from person to person

I would like to thank you for your anxiety hypnotherapy. Now I feel able to make decisions of my own with regard to my life. This is a totally new experience for me!

W.T Cambridge

Results may vary from person to person

Thank you for all your help last year for my depression. I feel we did a lot of good work in such a short time. I am adjusting to the new me. It feels strange at times – I cannot thank you enough.

S.N. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

I find it quite difficult to recollect the kind of feelings of low self-esteem that I had before your help. I have not written to you until such time as I felt confident that these changes and improvements were permanent. I feel your hypnotherapy has been one of the most, if not the most important discoveries of my life!

R.F. Suffolk
Results may vary from person to person

Your Hypnotherapy sessions Jane have changed my life in every way. I am so happy now.

S.J. London

Results may vary from person to person

I was clinically depressed for two years and the conventional forms of treatment were not helping my recovery. At this point I turned to Jane’s Hypnotherapy and within a very few sessions I began to see the benefits. Now I am back in education and my quality of life is of a far better standard.

W.J. Great Yarmouth

Results may vary from person to person

I was someone who liked to think they were confident but things held me back from being like that.

Now that I have had your therapy, Jane, I am able to excel with myself and I do not feel that I have anything holding me back any more.

R.R. North Walsham

Results may vary from person to person

I am ever so grateful to you Jane. Your sessions lifted me up from such a dark, desperate place, transporting me to that wonderful place of relaxation. It freed my mind and gave me the confidence in myself to change for the better – thank you.

B.L. Fakenham

Results may vary from person to person