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Hypnotherapy for Moving on from divorce & NLP

Many people find it difficult to move on from divorce or any meaningful relationship which has ended.

Jane’s therapy using Hypnosis combined with NLP can cut the ties that have held you back leaving you free to get on with your life in the way that you want.


During my divorce proceedings I found myself in an impossible position because I felt stuck and so aggrieved about the injustice of it. I was in a rut. I couldn’t move forward and couldn’t move back.

Jane’s Hypnotherapy changed all these stuck feelings. Quite quickly, I began to feel lifted from the pressure and able to look at things in a completely different way which was such a relief.

I felt enabled to let all those uncomfortable feelings go which put me in a position to turn my situation around.

I have been recommending Jane Rees’s work ever since.

G.D. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person