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Testimonials – Jane Rees DABCH, MCAHyp. MP

Registered Advanced Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner


Jane was recommended to me by my consultant for my IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome )

Jane has helped me & it’s incredible. I remember sitting in the consultant’s office going through my options & I just remember thinking nothing will work but was willing to try anything.

After having my consultation with Jane I felt very relaxed & was pleased with how well she explained everything.

After just my second session I felt great. I have only had six sessions with Jane & do not feel that I need any more. The recordings she has made me are fantastic & I listen to them every day & they are a huge help.

Since seeing Jane I have not had my anxiety or panic attacks & the main thing is that my symptoms of IBS have completely settled & disappeared. I feel fantastic& am starting to enjoy eating & eating out again.

I am so grateful to my consultant for recommending her to me, as it has been truly life changing. I hope that anyone reading this who has IBS & feels nothing else will work does give Jane’s Hypnotherapy a go as it is the best decision I could have made. Jane is a remarkable lady & does amazing work. Thank you so much for everything.

R.A. Holt

Results may vary from person to person

Before I went to see Jane I lacked confidence and felt anxious any time I was away from home. At work I constantly worried that my work was not good enough, although I strove for perfection. It bothered me that I would make a mistake and that people would criticize me because of it.

I experienced palpitations, panic attacks, restlessness and found it virtually impossible to relax when I got home. At night, unable to sleep, I would lie awake thinking about the work I had to do the next day. For years I tried to ignore these symptoms but they were just getting worse. It was out of desperation that I contacted Jane.

Jane was confident she could help and after the first treatment I started to feel a little less anxious.

It has been 5 weeks since my first appointment and I no longer have palpitations or panic attacks. My confidence is improving all the time and I usually sleep through the night.

With Jane’s help my life has improved 80%, and it is getting better. I would definitely recommend her.

L.B. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

Thank you for all your help last year for my depression. I feel we did a lot of good work in such a short time. I am adjusting to the new me. It feels strange at times – I cannot thank you enough.

S.N. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

I was clinically depressed for two years and the conventional forms of treatment were not helping my recovery. At this point I turned to Jane’s Hypnotherapy and within a very few sessions I began to see the benefits. Now I am back in education and my quality of life is of a far better standard.

W.J. Great Yarmouth

Results may vary from person to person


When my husband had booked a flight to take me and my four children on a trip of a lifetime to Sydney, Australia, I found myself getting more and more anxious as the time grew near.

Flying was something I used to enjoy but in recent years had become an ordeal. I decided to contact Jane and found myself in a place of happy anticipation and excitement about my forthcoming trip after the therapy.

Thank you very much because my feelings towards flying have completely changed back to how they used to be and this has made all the difference.

S.J. Cromer

Results may vary from person to person


My fear of birds was so great that I could not even relax in my own garden.
Jane’s hypnosis has dispersed this fear completely because I can now sit and really relax in my garden without even thinking about birds.

When a little Robin came near to me the other day, I was actually fascinated and wanted him to come closer.

Being free from this fear has changed my life. Thank you so much.

B. W. Cambridge

Results may vary from person to person

Now I have the ability to control my life and look forward to the future because I know I can enjoy life again. Before seeing you Jane I was only able to sleep if I was exhausted or on medication. Now I’m sleeping naturally and awake feeling refreshed. I never realized that Hypnotherapy could be so helpful and I would be happy to recommend you for treating almost any problem.

C C, Holt

Results may vary from person to person

After each session with you, Jane, I felt I had gained back another piece of my life. After the final session I felt I could conquer the world. I now have increased confidence, much more self-esteem and no more IBS

M.L. London

Results may vary from person to person

During my divorce proceedings I found myself in an impossible position because I felt stuck and so aggrieved about the injustice of it. I was in a rut. I couldn’t move forward and couldn’t move back.

Jane’s Hypnotherapy changed all these stuck feelings. Quite quickly, I began to feel lifted from the pressure and able to look at things in a completely different way which was such a relief.

I felt enabled to let all those uncomfortable feelings go which put me in a position to turn my situation around.

I have been recommending Jane Rees’s work ever since.

G.D. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

I had tried to stop smoking many times in the past and never really managed to shift the hold it had on me. After the Stop Smoking therapy that I had with you last year, I remember leaving feeling very relaxed and have not thought about cigarettes or been tempted with them once since! Thank you very much.

C.S. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

My daughter was doing so well with her Gymnastics and entering many top competitions in East Anglia and then something changed because she became completely unconfident about her back-flips which greatly affected her ability to compete.

With Jane’s help she is back to her lovely confident self again and finds it difficult now to think that she ever had a problem before.

Y.G. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

My golf was so erratic that I was really beginning to despair and thought I would see if Jane could help. The hypnosis with NLP has made such a difference because now my game is much more consistent and although I still make mistakes these do not spoil the pleasure of the game any more because the overall
quality of it has improved so much.

I.H. London

Results may vary from person to person

Jane thank you so much for your ‘magic’ on my teenage daughter last Summer. She has gradually slimmed and trimmed and continues with her ‘small

She is having so much more fun now and is thrilled with your ability to have changed the way she looks at food.

J.F. Cambridge

Results may vary from person to person

I lost my weight quite steadily and have kept to eight stone seven pounds for over nine years now without budging. I am delighted.

W.R. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person