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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Hypnotherapy & NLP

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS or Spastic Colon) is a diagnosis of exclusion. It is a functional bowel disorder characterized by chronic abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating and alteration of bowel habits in the absence of any detectable organic cause.

The Journal of International Gastroenterology (Spring 1996)

In a clinical trial carried out by Professor Whorwell, 80% of those treated for IBS using hypnotherapy had an increased sense of well being and found that their symptoms either disappeared completely or that only mild symptoms remained.

Jane Rees has consulted with Professor Peter Whorwell, one of the world’s leading authorities on IBS and also received further training from his Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Jane uses techniques developed by Dr. Jeremy Barnes, a Hospital Practitioner in Digestive Endoscopy who successfully treats IBS using Hypnotherapy.


Jane was recommended to me by my consultant for my IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome )

Jane has helped me & it’s incredible. I remember sitting in the consultant’s office going through my options & I just remember thinking nothing will work but was willing to try anything.

After having my consultation with Jane I felt very relaxed & was pleased with how well she explained everything.

After just my second session I felt great. I have only had six sessions with Jane & do not feel that I need any more. The recordings she has made me are fantastic & I listen to them every day & they are a huge help.

Since seeing Jane I have not had my anxiety or panic attacks & the main thing is that my symptoms of IBS have completely settled & disappeared. I feel fantastic& am starting to enjoy eating & eating out again.

I am so grateful to my consultant for recommending her to me, as it has been truly life changing. I hope that anyone reading this who has IBS & feels nothing else will work does give Jane’s Hypnotherapy a go as it is the best decision I could have made. Jane is a remarkable lady & does amazing work. Thank you so much for everything.

R.A. Holt

Results may vary from person to person

Highly recommend visiting Jane. She is so kind & caring & truly wants to help you with your situation. She has changed my life & I will always appreciate how she has helped me. If anyone is struggling with IBS & is sick of all the medication that doesn’t work then I highly recommend seeing Jane.

P.A. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

I had been suffering from IBS & the associated anxiety that accompanies the condition for the last 3 years when I contacted Jane. I found everyday situations such as trips out incredibly stressful as the constant need to visit the toilet left me worried that I would not be able to find one easily. Even visits from friends & family at home made me anxious as I found the constant trips to the loo embarrassing. I had previously had medical tests but all came back clear. I had looked into possible alternative therapies & even tried eliminating various foods from my diet but the condition remained in fact it got worse as the anxiety took a stranglehold.

The day I met Jane changed my life. A very warm person who I took to immediately & who put me at ease from the offset. The first session was a consultation. I had never had hypnosis before & felt anxious about this too but Jane explained how it worked & put my mind at rest. I made my appointment there & then.

If anyone is worried about hypnosis then don’t be. You are in complete control at all times & the best way I can describe it is feeling a wonderful state of relaxation- something I had not experienced for a long time.

After each session I felt calmer & stronger & this progress continued as I took control of the condition with success beyond my wildest dreams. I completed my sessions & I am transformed. The IBS & all it’s associated anxiety has completely gone.

Thank you Jane for giving me my life back.

R.R. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

After each session with you, Jane, I felt I had gained back another piece of my life. After the final session I felt I could conquer the world. I now have
increased confidence, much more self-esteem and no more IBS

M.L. London

Results may vary from person to person

I just wanted to thank you for all your help for my IBS. I just got back from a holiday in Spain which really went so well. I can now relax so much more.

L.J. Norfolk

Results may vary from person to person

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with my IBS. I am completely free of the symptoms – thank you! I have my life back!

A.N. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

I now feel that I have an inner calm that was not there before and an outlook on life that I can cope with anything that comes my way whereas before I viewed my future with utter panic. Thank you, Jane because now I am free from those IBS symptoms and find life exciting.

S.D. Cambridge

Results may vary from person to person

When I came to see you Jane I was suffering from chronic IBS and finding my life so difficult. I cannot believe how much better everything is now that I have completed your therapy. With my new peace of mind I look forward to my future and enjoy each day.

B.W. Great Yarmouth

Results may vary from person to person

I feel so much more relaxed about life. Thank you very much.

W.W. Holt

Results may vary from person to person