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Sports Problems Hypnotherapy & NLP

It is often said in sport that the greatest opponent is yourself.

Do you find that sometimes you perform perfectly and other times your skills seem to have disappeared or perhaps you are one of those people who used to have confidence and competence in a particular aspect of your sport and find that now you have blocks which were not there before?

These problems can be overcome with Jane’s HYPNOTIC SPORT PROGRAMME which changes the mental doubts insecurities and fears that you might have, giving you a confidence that lets you see yourself performing at your best ahead of time.

With this different mindset your confidence and competence is restored.


My daughter was doing so well with her Gymnastics and entering many top competitions in East Anglia and then something changed because she became completely unconfident about her back-flips which greatly affected her ability to compete.

With Jane’s help she is back to her lovely confident self again and finds it difficult now to think that she ever had a problem before.

Y.G. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person

My golf was so erratic that I was really beginning to despair and thought I would see if Jane could help. The hypnosis with NLP has made such a difference because now my game is much more consistent and although I still make mistakes these do not spoil the pleasure of the game any more because the overall quality of it has improved so much.

I.H. London

Results may vary from person to person

I had a very bad riding accident several years ago and all my efforts to get back to riding had failed. In desperation I went to see Jane and have never looked back. I am enjoying riding again in the way that I used to. I am very, very pleased.

D.W. Cromer

Results may vary from person to person