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Stop Smoking

Hynotherapy & NLP to Stop Smoking

There are two aspects to my Stop Smoking Work:

  1. I find out when you had your first cigaret.
    (If you are not sure this can easily be found in Hypnosis).

    Then I completely change that pocket of time.

    This means that you now carry around someone who is repelled by cigarets instead of interested in them.

  2. The other aspect of my work is to Reprogram your Brain.

    The Brain is like a computer & can be reprogrammed.

    For this I ask you to bring your cigarets with you & then ask how much out of 10 do these cigarets have a pull on you?

    After that I put them out of sight.

    When I have finished my reprogramming I bring your cigarets near you & you will feel repulsed by them.

    After that I ask you to ring me each morning for 2mts, for a week, to check the reprogramming has stuck. If anything changes I have you straight back for no further fee.

Quit Smoking – No cravings, no weight gain, freedom.

If you start smoking again within six months you may return for no fee.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy & NLP Testimonials

I started smoking at 14 and for the last ten years I was up to 40 cigarettes a day.

I tried nicotine patches, nicotine gum, acupuncture and nothing seemed to work. I could never imagine myself as a non-smoker, so as a last resort I decided to try hypnotherapy.

I wanted to go to someone that I would feel comfortable with, who was recommended. Luckily I was highly recommended by a friend who had been to see Jane Rees to stop smoking and experienced a complete success. This friend had smoked from the age of 15 to 65 and now feels very comfortable as a non-smoker.

Jane’s Stop Smoking has worked a complete miracle for me because now I never think about cigarettes and can watch someone smoke and feel a complete indifference to it – now it doesn’t affect me at all.

I have recommended so many people to Jane and will continue to do so.

S.H. North Norfolk

Results may vary from person to person

Having been a 30-a-day smoker for 50 years, I had hypnotherapy with Jane Rees & quit the habit. As far as I’m concerned it’s the only way to go…

R.G. Sheringham

Results may vary from person to person

It worked 100%. I can go down the pub with my friends who smoke and feel completely relaxed as a non-smoker.

S.B. Dereham

Results may vary from person to person

Just to let you know that it’s been five years now since my last cigarette and I’m
convinced I will never smoke again. Many, many thanks.

H.C. Holt

Results may vary from person to person

My partner came to see you in Cambridge over two years ago to stop smoking and has not thought of cigarettes since. Thank you very much, Jane.

W.W. Cambridge

Results may vary from person to person

I had tried to stop smoking many times in the past and never really managed to shift the hold it had on me. After the Stop Smoking therapy that I had with you last year, I remember leaving feeling very relaxed and have not thought about cigarettes or been tempted with them once since! Thank you very much.

C.S. Norwich

Results may vary from person to person